Harry Coumnas is a noted Entrepreneur

Who is simple yet effective business philosophy

Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy in Harry’s Words

I have a very simple yet effective business philosophy. I believe in Trust, Confidence, and Hard work. These three things helped me throughout my journey and made me what I am today. My father once told me, “If you want something, go fight for it”. Since that day, I am fighting for my success, growth, and recognition in the business world. And, yes! I have managed to achieve that.

At a very early age I realized that being a businessman, I will be cheated, burnt out and left alone, especially when things are going my way. So, this helped me maintain a positive attitude throughput the career. It doesn’t matter whether I am worn out or left behind, I will keep working hard until I achieve my goal. The moment you give up, you fail. So, believe in your strengths, have confidence in whatever you are doing, and no one can stop you from becoming successful. All that I am today is because of my hard work, trust and confidence in my abilities.

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